Opinions on Rule 1 Whey Blend??

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    Looking to try R1 Whey blend. Whats everyone's opinion? Favorite Flavors?? Thanks!

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    @pmerkel I've tried all three flavors and you can't go wrong with any of them. In my opinion they are the best tasting proteins in the industry. The chocolate fudge is probably my favorite of the three. When it comes to price, they can't be beat either. You can get the five pound tub which contains 70 servings for only 56 dollars. Overall, they are better tasting and cheaper than any other protein I've found. Would definitely recommend it!

  • Rule 1 is good. its a very well dosed product and is nothing full of fillers. I had the chocolate and it was very rich and dense. Mixes up very easy and settles with ease. I would suggest it, but the price point is a bit higher than some very cost effective whey proteins. for examples:
    #CellucorCorPerformance and #PESSelect are great options and much more cost effective and taste as good if not better.

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    I have not used the R1 Whey Blend but I have been a huge fan of R1 Protein. They're a few subtle difference is the formula. However, I have decided that the R1 Protein is best for my goals because I really only drink shakes post workout. My favorite flavor is vanilla but you really cannot go wrong.

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