Glendale Community College / Arizona State University

  • What's up, my name is Jon. I am currently attending GCC to study for my personal training certificate and I plan on transferring to Asu within the next year. I have been with Cp since October 2015 and would be glad to help with any supplement or fitness related questions. #TeamCpSouth !

    Twitter: @lilman42
    Insta: @jon_barrett42
    Cp link:

  • My name is Lexi. I will also be at Arizona State this coming fall. Just started with CP!

    I have played NCAA DI sports and recently began focusing on running and lifting. I ran my first half-marathon in January and I am about to begin training for a marathon.

    If you have any questions about fitness or supplements, I feel free to ask!

  • @Lexi-Bounds

    Instagram: @lexi_bounds
    Facebook: Lexi Bounds
    Twitter: @Lexi_Bounds

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