Favorite Pre? It should be Fuel

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    Hey guys, I have used soo many different preworkouts and have become tolerant to a lot of them. Having tried #fuel a month or so ago, I can honestly say it was THE BEST pre I have tried. Yes, better than C4, Assault, Hyde, all the rest. They're good, but Fuel has won it for me. The taste, serving effectiveness, pump, energy, and focus were all there! YOU HAVE TO TRY IT

  • @alexleight just got mine today with some next level shipping speeds. Cant wait to try it tomorrow!

  • Hahaha at the title! I actually am diggin' the #fuel it's awesome. I did a giveaway and one of my close friends won a tub of #Fuel and he said he loves it. He took another pre from the free samples he got and said it was no where near as effective as #fuel.

  • Try two scoops ;)

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    I do miss the tingly feeling that you get in C4

  • Jack3d was my go to but I definitely have to say Fuel is my favorite right now.

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    Fuel is always a go-to for me! Love the energy, focus, and pump! I like to switch off between Jungle Juice and Orange Soda

  • @astrahle get some beta alanine pills and mix it with fuel to get more of that tingly feeling. Lots can be dissolvable in water so drop one in your pre workout m**ture

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    #fuel-2nd-generation is my go to pre-workout. I've tried all three flavors and orange soda is by far the best tasking. It gives the right amount of energy and pump for the gym.

    Safety notice: Too many scoops will cause your shaker to explode due to pressurization.

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