Very easy here...
Cook for the week and here is how
bulk cook chicken, turkey, beef and leave out enough for 2-3 days and freeze the rest
bulk cook rice, potatoes and portion off what you need for 2-3 days and freeze the rest with your protein source of choice
Portable foods --> almonds, nuts, oil's, nut butters to easily hit your fat targets

protein powder + yogurt packs = easy on the go meal
trail mix, granola, string cheese, cottage cheese, tuna packs, cans of chicken/salmon are also portable and help meet your macronutrient goals.

prepack sandwiches of lean ham or turkey on whole wheat or ezekiel bread
Oatmeal + Whey in a container and add just enough water to make a protein pudding.

I work upward to 50-55 hours a week and find this very easy to make meals and still get the job done.

good things to consider Select Protein #pronuts Quest Bars are all great supplements to reach your nutrient goals

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